New Forest Dog On The Forest Off The Lead

Committee: Who are we?

We introduce the Principal Committee Members who are working on your behalf.


Heather's dogs

Heather Gould: Chair

Heather says she is not a native of the New forest, but has lived here for over 30 years. Her family have always loved their dogs, currently numbering three and ranging from a small 'Heinz' variety to a St. Bernard.

Why have you become involved with the group?
"Although I understand that we live in an evolving but much pressurised environment, I believe passionately that managing the pressures in the New Forest need not involve draconian measures.

I hope that I shall be able to walk my dogs on the Forest, off the lead (under control) for many years to come and so I am doing my bit to support the only organisation that works for this aim."


Sandy's dogs

Sandy Gatward: Newsletter Editor

Dogs have always figured in a large way in Sandy's life, not least because her chosen breeds have included Bernese Mountain Dogs, Newfoundlands and GSDs. Sandy's involvement in canine matters has included judging Bernese Mountain Dogs at Crufts in 1997, and character assessment for the Rottweiler Club. When not working as a special needs teacher, Sandy is kept busy running her own obedience school and puppy classes, and co-ordinating National Rescue for Bernese Mountain Dogs . Sandy's four Golden Retrievers, Elkie, Keira Isla and Saffi, bring the number of dogs she has owned to 21.

Why have you become involved with the Group?
"I have two great passions in my life: my dogs and the New Forest. Being able to combine the two, and be helpful to others, is my idea of heaven."


Janine's dogs

Janine Redman: Veterinary Advisor

Janine was born in Blendworth, Hampshire, and moved to the New Forest in 1989 to take up her first job as a veterinary surgeon. Her versatile Border Collie Dee, enjoys agility, flyball and heelwork to music! New arrival Quiz hopes to follow in her footsteps. Janine stays very fit!! Although Janine moved away in 1991, she returned to the Forest in 1993 because she missed the unique life style and the open space available for dog walking.

Why have you become involved with the Group?
"So many of my clients complained to me about the restrictions on dog walking that I felt it was in the interest of the welfare of my patients to give the Group my support."




Kate's dogs

Kate Hurcombe: Phone, website and email controller

Born in Sway, Kate has been able to enjoy the New Forest all her life. She is also actively involved in a wide range of dog-related activities, including teaching fun obedience training and assisting a local dog rescue group with home-checks and fundraising. Her canine family include Lucky, Lola, Callie and Lily, all of whom are rescue dogs.

Why have you become involved with the Group?
"Having lived the New Forest all my life, I believe that future generations should also be able to enjoy the Forest as I have done. My happiest childhood memories include playing in Boundway stream with our Labrador, and I would like my grand children and their families to have the same fun and share the same memories."


Tracey Collyer: Secretary and NF Show co-ordinator

Tracey grew up in London and Surrey with childhood holidays always spent in the New Forest before eventually 'retiring' to Wimborne in 2005. Tracey has been actively involved in rescuing dogs for many years including home-checking for a rescue centre in Kent. She currently owns two rescue dogs.

Why have you become involved with the Group?
"To be able to enjoy the New Forest with my dogs has always been a wonderful privilege and one that I hope NFDOG can help to protect"


Mandy's dog

Mandy Peters: Legal advisor

Mandy was born in London and spent many summers as a young child camping in the new forest. She moved to Hampshire with her horse in 2004 and enjoys many activities within the forest including walking Wilfy, her lurcher dog, cycling, running, camping and riding.

Why have you become involved with the Group?
"The forest is an oasis for me and I feel privileged to be able to use it to walk my dog, a privilege that I wish to continue and to that end I believe that it is important to have a strong and well respected voice speaking out for dogs and their owners and NFDOG fits that bill perfectly! I am conscious of the tension that exists between the various user groups within the forest and as my interests cross the boundaries of some of these groups I feel I can be sympathetic to the difficulties that can arise."


Gemma Cox: Research

Gemma was born and raised in the forest, surrounded by dogs. She currently has working gundogs, Rizla the Hungarian Wire Haired Vizsla and BB the Working Cocker and Dalmatian Ody. They also enjoy clicker training, fun agility and heelwork to music.

Why have you become involved in the group?
"Having spent my life walking mine and my parents dogs in the forest, I felt that I'd like to contribute to the group and help promote responsible dog walking in the area."



Membership Secretary

Our membership secretary is a real star but is a private person who currently does not have a dog to show off on this page. The whole committee appreciates her contribution