New Forest Dog On The Forest Off The Lead

We have a winner!

This year’s New Forest Show was a huge success for NFDOG, and we talked to hundreds of dog owners, NFDOG members, and others. One of the activities was inviting visitors to judge the annual photographic competition – and we found a winner – Busby, pictured by his owner Verity Johnson. 194 people voted, with Busby (No 3) gaining 50 votes. Those voting included our MP, Rt Hon Dr Julian Lewis, though his ballot remained secret!

Another new activity on the stall, highlighting the need for owners to pick up dog poo and put it in the bin, was a young person’s game to ‘fish’ for toy poos – and place them into the adjacent bin. Everyone went away with a prize, but the record for the most poos at once (10) went to Sam Andrews.

NFDOG is out an about again this summer, and we hope to welcome people and say hello at the Burley Show, the Ellingham Show, and Minstead Fete.