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Dog Poo - why some owners don't pick up

More than a third of dog owners in the countryside sometimes leave poo, and 14 per cent never pick up, according to a survey by a dog pharmaceutical company. NFDOG's view is that part of being a responsible owner is picking up poo, but it's clear from New Forest car parks and other areas that a minority do not. 

The survey, as reported in The Guardian, highlights the danger from tapeworm (the surveying company makes tapeworm tablets for dogs) both to other animals and potentially to humans. The study which questioned 2000 owners shows that overall 28 per cent sometimes leave poo on the ground. But in rural areas the figure was higher - 36 per cent of those surveyed said they would be more likely to leave poo in a rural field. The survey also shows that more than half (51 per cent) say they're unaware of the impact on the environment. 

It's good news that the survey shows that most owners do pick up and are responsible, but highlights the work that needs to be done to convince a minority (who spoil the reputation of all dog owners) to behave properly. To help, NFDOG and the New Forest National Park have negotiated a discount on fully compostable dog bags made by Adios...just enter NEWFOREST at the checkout for a 15 per cent discount. You can buy them here.

Guardian article You can read the full newspaper article here.