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Get yourself a poo bag discount and help the planet


Increasingly dog poo bags are moving away from plastics, and the New Forest National Park has identified a partner who is offering a significant discount to NFDOG (and other local) owners.

One of the issues is that ‘compostable’ and ‘biodegradeble’ bags are not the same thing – and many bags do break down, but only into micro-plastics. Biodegradable petroleum derived plastic poo bags, advertised as 'friendly to the environment', will break down over time, but only into micro-plastics, which are known to disperse widely into the environment with growing evidence of thier being ingested and entering the food chain.

Poo bags

Adios Plastic are one of a few brands that are available in shops and online, made from plant-based bioplastics (corn or potato starch are commonly used). They have sold over 20 million bags to date and are available in 600 stores.


The company has agreed with the National Park to support the New Forest and NFDOG by supplying their 100% compostable "bioplastic" poo bags direct at a favourable price. These will be given away on our stands at shows and other events to encourage ‘picking up’. 

Adios Plastic have also offered a 15% discount off all orders they receive which include the specially created promotional code NEWFOREST

The bags come with or without handles, loose or on a roll, and in a variety of colours. Prices start at £5.99 (before discount) for 60 rolls, packed on four of fifteen bag rolls. The bags should be bought in smaller quantities, regularly as they do break down naturally over around six months. 

In return we pledge to support them in their mission to save 1 billion plastic bags from oceans and landfill! 

Click here to find Adios compostable poo bags.