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Important Ground Nesting Bird Update


Bird Breeding Success

The efforts of dog walkers to avoid sensitive areas in the Ground Nesting Bird season have helped with a great result. Forestry England says that one of its Keepers has reported a record number of hatched Lapwing and Curlew chicks in one of the Forest’s key nesting locations in Burley.

These birds are extremely rare and surviving the next few weeks is critical. Given the success of the birds in this area, Forestry England is looking at ways to help as many as possible chicks successfully fledge. This is addition to advice from NFDOG to avoid any areas with nesting birds if possible – otherwise behave in accordance with the red and orange signs in sensitive areas.

One measure Forestry England is taking is to temporarily close Burbush Car Park in Burley. This brings the total number of car park closures due to ground nesting birds to ten, out of a total of 130 car parks across the Forest. The car park at Burbush will close from Wednesday 8 June.

“We will closely monitor the progress of the chicks over the coming weeks and advise on reopening accordingly.” Says a spokesperson. “During this time, alternative parking is available at nearby Burley and Burley Cricket car parks as alternatives. During the current breeding season we can all help ground nesting birds by sticking to the main tracks and keeping dogs with you on these, if necessary using a lead. The efforts of the community here in the Forest this breeding season will make an important contribution to the future survival of these birds in the UK.”