New Forest Dog On The Forest Off The Lead

Working together for a cleaner Forest

Picking up dog poo

New Forest Dog Owners Group (NFDOG) is working with the Forestry Commission and New Forest National Park Authority to improve the experience of local people and visitors to the forest.

If we can all find a way of helping to reduce the nuisance of dog poo in the more populated areas it should enhance everyone's experience.

Why deal with dog poo?
Nobody likes picking their way over dog poo and families have as much right to play around car parks and picnic areas without this nuisance, as we have to walk from the car parks with our dogs.

How can you help?
Given that you cannot always control where your dog decides to perform, the following best practice is advised:


  • Keep your dogs in the car until ready to walk with them
  • Keep your dogs under very close control, on lead if necessary, until well away from the car park / picnic area
  • Watch your dogs so that you may be aware if they do decide to poo
  • Pick up and bag any poo in and around car parks and anywhere that people are likely to picnic or play
  • Put the bag and its contents in any rubbish bin provided, or drop it in a dog bin
  • On paths away from car parks or picnic areas, use a stick to flick poo into shrubby vegetation, where people cannot tread on it.


  • Leave bags full of poo littering the forest or hanging on bushes
  • Stick and flick poo on open grass or on gravel or tarmac surfaces. It will be more difficult for people to avoid
  • Be embarrassed to discuss this best practice with NFDOG members and forest rangers, who are helping to promote this code, or with other dog walkers who might not be as careful as you.